Grace Scarpino-Stoutenburg

Professional Harpist

Harp Lessons

Private lessons are available to students ages 10 and up.  

Prior musical training or ability to read music is not necessary. 

Lesson Content

I provide harp lessons for both pedal and lever harp for all proficiency levels. In addition to performance, lessons can also cover a wide range of topics, depending on the student's specific area of interest. These can include: international harp history, famous modern day performers, historic instruments, harp repertoire, the harp in orchestra or ensemble,  arranging and/or composing for harp, harp folk music around the world, harp pedagogy, music theory, and aural skills.  I work directly with each student to develop a curriculum specific to their own goals.

                                   Music and Materials

I collaborate with each student to determine appropriate music as we walk through the learning process. Music can range from traditional, folk, modern, or popular selections, depending on the student's specific interest. The ability to read music is not necessary to begin. I provide as much music as I can, and direct my students toward purchasing music, recordings, or other materials when necessary.


I currently offer a limited selection of lever harps available for rent. For more information and current availability, please contact me. If you are looking to purchase or rent a specific type of instrument, I would be happy to assist in this process. 

                                         Home Practice

I work directly with each student to develop practice techniques and strategies as part of our lessons. I am keenly aware that confusion and frustrations do occur as a natural part of learning any new skill, and I am passionate about making sure this process is as smooth as possible. In short, we will discuss what to practice, but also how to practice it. I take notes for my students during each lesson, encourage them (or their parents) to take advantage of digital media, by means of photos or videos showing the specific technique to work on prior to the next lesson. I encourage questions, and I am always available by phone or email in between lessons to answer any additional questions or concerns that may arise. I do my utmost to provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere that both celebrates success and challenges the learner.

                              Lesson Times and Locations

I am available Monday-Friday for 30 minute, 45 minute, or 1 hour lessons. These lessons are completely flexible - we can do once a week, every other week, every 10 days, even once a month or every 6 weeks. I teach out of my private home studio and also provide lessons through Skype/FaceTime/Duo. I am also the harp faculty instructor with the Community School of Music and Arts in Ithaca NY, and teach through the school program. I would be happy to discuss what option (or combination of options) would be best for your specific situation.